The fascinating idea of the DOUBLE

The idea of the double has always fascinated me, and no one more than Stevenson has been able to define the existential dualism of the human being.

Stevenson's concepts of Good and Evil are really innovative, considering that the work was written at the end of the nineteenth century: Good and Evil are not distinct and divisible entities, they coexist in the human being and are in constant conflict with each other because one is a necessary condition for the existence of the other.

Hence the idea of creating a "double" (could it be otherwise?) album: White Side and Dark Side. It is concept album in which we can lead the listener through the narration of the famous Stevenson's novel, where the main characters are played by singers with different song styles and progressive music is the inevitable sound plot: the only one, in my opinion, able to describe the complex universe created by Stevenson.

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