Jekyll and Hyde: a description of the work!

Jekyll and Hyde is a progressive metal opera, written in English, consisting of two albums: white side and dark side.

These are two complex albums, the result of four years of intense and meticulous work. The work follows to Stevenson's novel "The strange case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde": each song is like a chapter of story, in which the main characters take the stage (Jekyll/Hyde, Utterson, Lanyon and Poole). Each of them will be played by a different singer.

The work progresses in parallel with the story: the white side represents the supremacy of reason over the primordial instinct (supremacy embodied in the character of Henry Jekyll) while the dark side brings negativity and destruction.

This is a "progressive" path: lucidity and musical simplicity slowly turn into an increasingly aggressive, all-encompassing and complex sound. However, the boundaries are not so defined. The evil shows through the good and vice versa, so there are moments of light in the dark side and dark moments in the white side.

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